Coach John Jones

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John Jones and I were teammates during the late 60s in Winston-Salem at R.J. Reynolds High School.

1968 Jr. Olympics, Wake Forest Univ.
Here's a photo I took as a sophomore during John's junior year in high school.
Snapped May 25th, 1968 at a Jr. Olympics meet at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem.

Jones is the 2nd from the right, in the gold/yellowish jersey, aggressively attacking this hurdle.

The guy to his left, in the orange jersey is James Ijames (Davie County).

I fondly recall John as being a hard-working, and really cool teammate during our days at R.J. Reynolds.

Note the "old-school" hurdles commonly used back in the 1960s. Heavy clunkers, that you moved one-hurdle-at-a-time.

All-weather tracks were still very rare in 1968, and Wake Forest (like most colleges) had cinder tracks.

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