1994 West 4-A Regional

Friday - November 4, 1994
McAlpine Creek Park, Charlotte, NC

Girls Results

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The top 4 teams in each race and the top 5 individuals not on qualifying teams advanced to the state meet at McAlpine.
 1. Watauga                 45
 2. East Mecklenburg        59
 3. Charlotte Providence    80
 4. Gastonia Ashbrook      146
 5. Charlotte Myers Park   163
 6. Morganton Freedom      190
 7. South Mecklenburg      197
 8. East Gaston            213
 9. North Mecklenburg      238
10. Asheville AC Reynolds  304
11. Alexander Central      316
12. West Charlotte         320
13. Charlotte Olympic      368
14. McDowell County        369
15. Charlotte Independence 401
16. Charlotte Harding      431
17. West Mecklenburg       502
--  Crest               no score
--  East Burke          no score
--  Charlotte Garinger  no score
--  Waynesville Tuscola no score

 1. Justin Niedzialek Providence 15:41.12
 2. Will Hodges       Watauga    15:41.36
 3. Shane Austin      Watauga    16:16
 4. Brian Lesesky     Providence 16:19
 5. Josh Morgan       South Meck 16:22
 6. Jody Corum        Watauga    16:23
 7. Pen Peery         East Meck  16:28
 8. Robert Stephens   East Burke 16:32
 9. Greg Prudhomme    East Meck  16:43
10. Shane Walts       East Meck  16:45

State individual qualifiers:
  Morgan, Stephens,
    Michael Mauriello  South Meck
    Ric Maroni         AC Reynolds
    Joe Cornwell       Alexander Central

 1. Watauga                 52
 2. Charlotte Providence    66
 3. East Mecklenburg       100
 4. North Mecklenburg      110
 5. West Mecklenburg       125
 6. Charlotte Myers Park   139
 7. Asheville AC Reynolds  220
 8. Morganton Freedom      234
 9. Gastonia Ashbrook      234
10. South Mecklenburg      249
11. East Gaston            322
12. Alexander Central      346
13. West Charlotte         349
14. McDowell County        362
--  Charlotte Garinger     no score
--  Charlotte Harding      no score
--  Charlotte Independence no score

 1. Addie Bower     Watauga    19:22
 2. Jennifer Phelps Watauga    20:04
 3. Whitney Woods   Watauga    20:31
 4. Courtney Horn   Myers Park 20:47
 5. Natalie Hollar  North Meck 20:51
 6. Kim Robinson    West Meck  20:52
 7. Kim Grier       North Meck 20:55
 8. Kelly Wolff     Providence 20:56
 9. Kelly Swords    Ashbrook   21:04
10. Emma Lindell    East Meck  21:14

State individual qualifiers:
  Horn, Robinson, Swords, 
    Stephanie Alexander West Meck
    Dearborn McHaley    AC Reynolds

Source: The Charlotte Observer -- Sat.- Nov. 5, 1994

Watauga outruns Providence, East in meet

By Brett Honeycutt, Special Correspondent

Providence's Justin Niedzialek (15 minutes 41.12 seconds) edged Watauga's Will Hodges (15:41.36) at the finish to help produce Mecklenburg County's leading time in the N.C. 4A Western Regional at McAlpine Park on Friday.

Watauga won the boys team competition by 14 points over East Mecklenburg.

In the girls race, Watauga took the top three spots to beat Providence by 14 points as Addie Bower ran 19:22 to take individual honors.

Niedzialek and Hodges ran together the entire way, with neither gaining a considerable edge.

"I hate that anybody had to lose that," Watauga coach Randy McDonough said. "I just loved the way they battled each other. They both ran a great race."

The girls race had a decisive winner in Bower, who won by 42 seconds over teammate Jennifer Phelps.

Providence, the defending girls state champions, ran its top five runners in a pack for most of the race, which helped counter Watauga's dominance up front and make the girls team race closer.

A surprise in the girls race was the third-place finish by East Mecklenburg, which had injuries the entire season and had yet to run with its complete team.

"I think probably the frustration from my end was knowing it (the talent) was there, and not being able to put it together," East Mecklenburg coach Larry McAfee said.

The top four teams in each race and the top five boys and girls individuals not on the top four teams also qualified for the state meet on November 12 at McAlpine.

Boys individuals qualifying were: Josh Morgan and Michael Mauriello of South Mecklenburg, Ric Maroni of AC Reynolds, Joe Cornwell of Alexander Central and Robert Stephens of East Burke.

In the girls race: Courtney Horn of Myers Park, Kim Robinson and Stephanie Alexander of West Mecklenburg, Kelly Swords of Ashbrook and Dearborn McHaley of AC Reynolds.

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