1973 Forsyth County Championships

Thursday - April 12, 1973
at North Forsyth High School, Winston-Salem, NC

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Track: Dirt/cinders. 440-yards (402.336 meters)
Hand timing
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Team Scores:
1. Parkland 73 (tie)
2. Reynolds 73 (tie)
3. East Forsyth 49
4. North Forsyth 48
5. West Forsyth 28

100-yard dash
1. David MacFawn, Parkland 9.9
2. Michael Gregg, West Forsyth
3. Luther Jones, Reynolds
4. Phil Shepard, Parkland
5. Miller, North Forsyth

220-yard dash
1. Phil Shepherd, Parkland 22.5 =Rec
2. David MacFawn, Parkland
3. Miller, North Forsyth
4. Michael Gregg, West Forsyth
5. Shaw, Reynolds

1. Chip Wilson, East Forsyth 52.1
2. Glymph, Reynolds
3. M. Berry, North Forsyth
4. W. Berry, North Forsyth
5. Davis, Reynolds

1. Drew Warne, Reynolds 2:00.5
2. Tucker, Parkland
3. Clement, North Forsyth
4. Patterson, North Forsyth
5. Westmoreland, North Forsyth

Mile Run
1. Jim Williams, Reynolds 4:29.8
2. Troutman, East Forsyth
3. Summers, West Forsyth
4. Mathis, Parkland
5. Oakes, North Forsyth

2-Mile Run
1. Saunders, North Forsyth 10:03.8
2. Olson, Reynolds
3. Bradley, North Forsyth
4. McRay, West Forsyth
5. Poe, Reynolds

120y High Hurdles
1. Tim Tise, Reynolds 14.5 Rec
2. Walt Larry, Parkland
3. Bertaux, East Forsyth
4. James, West Forsyth
5. Mack, North Forsyth

180y Low Hurdles
1. Tim Tise, Reynolds 19.6 Rec
2. Bertaux, East Forsyth
3. Mundy, North Forsyth
4. Caldwell, East Forsyth

4x220y Relay
1. Parkland 1:32.1
(David MacFawn, Hatchett, , Phil Shepherd)
2. North Forsyth
3. Reynolds
4. East Forsyth
5. West Forsyth

4x440y Relay
1. East Forsyth 3:30.5
(Long, Stevenson, Troutman, Chip Wilson)
2. Reynolds
3. North Forsyth
4. Parkland
5. West Forsyth

Sprint Medley Relay
(440, 220, 220, 880-yards)
1. East Forsyth 3:46.0
(Troutman, Stevenson, Johnson, Chip Wilson)
2. North Forsyth
3. Parkland
4. Reynolds
5. West Forsyth

Long Jump
1. Gatewood, Reynolds 20-01.5
2. Caldwell, East Forsyth
3. Shepherd, Parkland
4. Howard, Parkland
5. Park, West Forsyth

High Jump
1. Jordan, Parkland 5-8
2. Hutchinson, Reynolds
3. Bertaux, East Forsyth
4. Walt Larry, Parkland
5. Gatewood, Reynolds

Pole Vault
1. Bertaux, East Forsyth 11-6
2. Fultz, North Forsyth
3. Trivette, West Forsyth
4. Allgood, West Forsyth
5. Craven, East Forsyth

1. Smith, Parkland 49-7.25
2. Burton, West Forsyth
3. Haynes, Parkland
4. Crews, Reynolds
5. Arrington, East Forsyth

1. Stowe, Parkland 135-11
2. Thompson, Reynolds
3. Crews, Reynolds
4. Smith, Parkland
5. Fielder, Parkland

From: The Winston-Salem Journal, April 13, 1973

In City-County Meet

Parkland, Reynolds Tie

By Mike Mulhern, Staff Reporter

"It was hectic," sighned Parkland Coach Jim Moose after last night's City-County track meet at North Forsyth was all over.

His Mustangs had just forced favored Reynolds to settle for a 73-73 tie on the chilly Viking track.

East Forsyth edged North Forsyth for third and West Forsyth finished fifth in the meet which saw two records established, five season's bests set and several school records broken.

"I think Phil Shepherd gave us a real boost," Moose continued. "He won the 220, anchored our winning 880-yard relay squad, came in third in the long jump and fourth in the 100-yard dash."

Shepherd sprinted past North's Ben Ruff with 75 yards to go on the anchor leg of the 880 relay and helped the Mustang quartet to rip off a season's best 1:32.1.

"The sprints definitely helped us," Moose said. "And we've got a lot to thank East Forsyth for, too."

East's Chip Wilson passed Reynolds' Drew Warne coming off the last turn of the mile relay, giving the Eagles a tense win and keeping the Demons from taking the meet by two points.

Coach Ken Hayes of East Forsyth, though disappointed with his squad's overall performance, was pleased with Wilson's efforts.

"Chip hasn't lost a 440 this year," said Hayes, pointing out that Wilson, who took that dash event in 52.1 and was timed under 50 seconds in his leg of the mile relay, could probably be a better 880-man than 440-man if the Eagles could afford to let him run the half mile.

As it was Wilson got a chance to run the 880 last night in the sprint medley, and he anchored East to a 3:46.0, less than half a second off the meet record.

"This is the first time this year I have had my kick going that good," Wilson said.

Jim Williams of Reynolds, whose 4:29.8 first place in the mile was less than five seconds off his city-county record of 4:25.6, almost didn't enter that event.

"I was talking to John Omdahl (track coach last year at Reynolds) and he told me if I ran a fairly good time in the Mid-South Relays (last weekend at Southern Pines), I should go ahead and run the mile in this meet," Williams said. "And I had a 4:35 at the Mid-South in pouring rain, so I went ahead and entered."

It marked the first time this season that Williams has run the mile in open competition.

David MacFawn of Parkland outdueled the county's top dashmen -- and there are quite a few good ones -- in the 100-yard dash, breaking the 10-second barrier for the first time this season with a 9.9. He finished second to Shepherd in the 220 and led off the Mustangs' crack 880 relay team also.

"The lanes were skimpy so I was scrunched up on the start (of the 100)," MacFawn said. Michael Gregg of West Forsyth was first out of the blocks, he added, "so I had to catch up."

Tim Tise of Reynolds set meet records in both hurdle events, 14.5 in the highs and 19.6 in the lows, and said he was looking forward to the Central 4-A District Six Conference meet in High Point in two weeks.

"I'd like to get down to about 19.2 or 19.3 on some nice hot day, hopefully at the conference meet," Tise said. "I don't know about getting down to the 13's in the highs but I would like to get down to about a 14.0."

Demon teammate Warne didn't seem concerned about running in hot weather. Last night's weather was "just fine," he said after clipping off a 2:00.5 in the half mile, and event in which he holds the city-county record.

"There was good competition the first lap," Warne said. "But none the last lap and that's where you need it most."

"I'd like to get the 1:57.9 (his 880 record time) and get it lower."

Reynolds' Luther Jones.

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