1969 North Carolina High School State Cross-Country Meet

NCHSAA Boys at Finley Golf Course, Chapel Hill
Saturday, November 8, 1969 (2.1 miles)
1. Charlotte Myers Park 90
2. Greensboro Smith     93
5. Greensboro Grimsley
(other team places not available)

 1. Ben Bailey       Enka                       10:46.0  Photo
 2. George Phillips  Winston-Salem RJ Reynolds
 3. Mike Garcia      Fayetteville 71st
 4. Steve Grathwohl  Charlotte Independence
 5. Mike Caldwell    Charlotte Myers Park
 6. Doug Lockamy     Greensboro Smith
 7. Dennis Davis     Greensboro Smith
 8. Roy Helm         Greensboro Smith
 9. Ricky Edwards    Raleigh Broughton
10. Joe Browder      Greensboro Grimsley
11. Cader Olive      South Mecklenburg
12. Tony Waldrop     Polk Central
13. Ric Shriver      Winston-Salem RJ Reynolds
14. Ricky Prince     Charlotte Myers Park
15. Woody Moss       South Mecklenburg
16. Chris Prather    Fayetteville Terry Sanford
17. Bob Carriker     Charlotte Garringer
18. Jim Wilkins      Person
19. Toby Lee         Wilson Fike
20. Bruce Tyson      Raleigh Broughton
21. Danny Merritt    Sanford Central
22. Tim Braxton      East Mecklenburg
23. Robert Ritchie   Raleigh Broughton
24. Bill Stiles      Charlotte Garinger
25. Ken Robinson     East Mecklenburg
26. Ned Dietler      Charlotte Myers Park
27. Albert Day       Fayetteville Terry Sanford
28. Ray Coggin       Ahoskie
29. Bob McCarthy     Fayetteville Terry Sanford
30. Gary Gilbert     Charlotte Myers Park
31. David Buie       Greensboro Grimsley
32. Joe Kelleher     Greensboro Grimsley
33. Randy Smith      Northern Durham
34. George Edwards   Raleigh Broughton
35. Mike Freeman     Hendersonville
36. Raggie Yragui    Fayetteville Terry Sanford
37. Doug Van Vaulkenberg  Enka
38. Tom White        East Mecklenburg
39. Gerhard Konig    Fayetteville Terry Sanford
40. Darrell Bowen    Charlotte Garinger
41. Smith            Fayetteville 71st
42. Jack Anderson    Greensboro Grimsley
43. Bob Brady        Greensboro Grimsley
44. David Grissom    Cary
45. James Bland      Cary
46. Tom Caton        South Mecklenburg
47. Dehavlington Fozard  Durham Hillside
48. James Slade      Ahoskie
49. John Glasgow     Raleigh Broughton
50. Tom Jeffries     Cary
51. Jim Hughs        Wilson Fike
52. Dan Quinn        Wilson Fike
53. Steve Walker     Winston-Salem Mount Tabor
54. Danny Felts      Greeensboro Smith
55. Gray Kimbrell    Charlotte Myers Park
56. Fred Garvey      Winston-Salem Mount Tabor
57. Dan Fortson      Charlotte Independence
58. Jim Chapman      Charlotte Myers Park
59. Mike Jones       South Mecklenburg
60. Bill McEvoy      East Mecklenburg
61. Eldrige Smith    Wilson Fike
62. Alan Laycock     Fayetteville Terry Sanford
63. William Helm     Greensboro Smith
64. Tom Edmonds      Greensboro Page
65. Robert Deaton    Greensboro Grimsley
66. Mike Coston      Raleigh Broughton
67. Lonnie Israel    Enka
Other team scores and most times are not available.
If you can help us with any of the missing data please email to (E-mail info). Thanks.

Ben L. Smith HS from Greensboro put three runners in the top eight and came within three points of Myers Park -- who ran to their 4th consecutive NCHSAA title.

The State Cross Country Meet included all classifications in 1969. Cross Country was not recognized by the NCHSAA as a girls sport until 1980.

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